Hikes this weekend: November 27th – 28th

Summit of White Rock Mountain

I despair at getting any more hiking done on the northeast coast area before Christmas! Last weekend’s ‘long’ hike turned into a wet couple of hours scrambling through the mud, and we gave up after the Stone Bamboo Shoot. I really cracked that day, and so to ease my frazzled nerves, I’m planning to ignore the area altogether for the next few weeks  unless the weather forecast is looking really good.  

On Datieliao Old Trail

Well the forecast for the east of Taipei isn’t looking so hot (surprise, surprise!) this weekend, so I’m going to continue looking at hikes in Taoyuan, where the weather should be much better (and continue revising the second Day Trips book at the same time).

The plan for Saturday is a new one which I’ve done only once before (and never with you lot): Datieliao Old Trail and White Rock Mountain.

Datieliao Old Trail (near the town of Daxi in Taoyuan County) is a fairly easy and very scenic walk in the woods with some interesting historic relics such as stele and old stone bridges for extra interest. To liven the walk up a bit we’ll make a side trip en-route to the summit of White Rock Mountain, a steep little peak with a huge sloping rock face at its summit: quite impressive and good fun.

As usual  please note this is NOT an especially easy walk. It’s pretty moderate stuff by our usual standards (my dog Gem managed the whole thing, with a few helping hands, but then he’s a pretty adventurous dog),  but the climb up White Rock Mountain has its steep and rocky bits, and it’s a good length (maybe 5 hours).

I’ll send out meeting details (should be in Taipei Main Station around 8 am) nearer the big day but first PLEASE let me know if you’re coming.

Inside Chauyin Cave, Mt Jhan

Sunday we’re off on a hike nearer home: Guanyin Mountain across the river from Danshui.  We’ll not, however, be climbing by the usual stepped ‘tourist ‘ route but by a steep and fun back route via the satellite peak of Mt Jhan. There are still lots of steps to negotiate, but also some dirt paths, very steep in places, and a long, but easy rock face with fixed ropes to add excitement. On the way down we’ll visit the interesting Chauyin Cave (which I blogged about earlier, at https://taiwandiscovery.wordpress.com/2010/05/01/caves-waterfall-and-archeological-sights-kwanyin-mountains-little-known-curiosities/).

Climbing near Mt Jhan, Guanyin Mountain

Again be sure to let me know if you’d like to come. I’ll post up meeting place and time (again around 8 am) when I know there’s some interest.

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