Hikes next weekend (December 11-12th)

The beautiful Cloud Forest Waterfall, a highlight of next Saturday’s hike

SUNDAY meeting time:  This one’s starting at a slightly more sociable hour: 8:30 at Guandu Station (Red line, three stops from Danshui at the northern terminus) , next to the ticket box (on the southbound platform).

SATURDAY meeting details: We meet at Yongning MRT station, at street level, exit 2 at 7:40 am. Yongning is at the western terminus of the blue (Nangang to Tucheng) line, and you’ll need almost 30 minutes (including possible waiting time: up to 8 minutes!) from Taipei Main Station to get there so please allow enough time to get there!  Yep, I know it’s a bit early, but we have to take a bus from there to Sanxia for the 8:30 bus, and if we miss this bus, we’re heading straight back home, as the next bus is three hours later!

Next weekend the weather is looking OK, and on Saturday we’re due to head west of Taipei for a classic hike: the Full Moon Mountain circuit (the last walk in Taipei Day Trips book 1). This is a fairly long and moderately strenuous hike, climbing up past the three beautiful Cloud Forest Waterfalls, followed by a long walk over the high wooded ridge to Full Moon Mountain, for a long and extremely steep descent down the mountain’s sometimes almost vertical ridge, with fixed ropes.

Sisters' Falls, a short but rough walk upstream near the begining of the Full Moon Mountain Hike

We finish by walking down through Full Moon Forest Park, hopefully with time to see at least a couple of the five waterfalls in the forest park. This hike is beyond Sanxia, and I don’t expect we’ll be back home much before 6 pm, possibly later.

The very steep descent from Full Moon Forest Mountain

On Sunday we’re trying something nearer to home: the back-way up Mt Guanyin (opposite Danshui). This is a real mix of stepped paths, rough dirt trails and even a long rock face with fixed ropes. It’s also a fairly strenuous hike with lots of ascent, so  for fitter hikers please!  For some more photos of this hike see here:  https://taiwandiscovery.wordpress.com/2010/11/25/hikes-this-weekend-november-27th-28th/

Mt Guanyin from Mount Jhan

As usual if you’re interested in either hike, let me know as soon as possible!

Chauyin Cave, near the end of next Sunday’s hike

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