Hiking Plans for the the Year of the Rabbit

Statuary at Panther Mountain, Four Beasts Mountains, Taipei City

Just two weeks back from England, and I’ve been hiking five days a week (before class, all-day at the weekends) trying to get these darned books completed. Nearly there, with just eight hikes to go.

The Wind Moving Boulder at Xiaowulai

   The weather didn’t cooperate the two weekends I was back for organising a group hike, but I’ve saved four great hikes for  definite group outings in February and March, so hope some of you can make them! I’m off to the airport in, er, two hours to fly to Bangkok en route to the mystical kingdom of Bhutan (yeeeeh!) for a couple of weeks , but will be back mid February, ready for at least four more hikes in Taiwan.

Dragon Phoenix Waterfall, Xiaowulai

Meanwhile, here are just a couple of the places I’ve been visiting (all in the new books, so buy them if you wanna go too!!) this last two busy, busy weeks.

Church at Sanmin

Temple rock carving between Elephant and Panther Mountains, Four Beasts Mountains, Taipei City

Above Silver Stream Cave, Xindian

Fuxing Suspension Bridge, North Cross-island Highway

Xiaowulai Waterfall (incidentally the same waterfall that appears on the cover of Taipei Day Trips book 2)

Statues in the cliff face below Panther Mountain, Four Beasts Mountains, Taipei City

Doll Valley Waterfall, Neidong Forest, Wulai

The ‘Little White House’, Danshui

Gorge between Wulai and Neidong

Luofu Bridge, North Cross-island Highway

3 thoughts on “Hiking Plans for the the Year of the Rabbit

  1. I will come to Taiwan this summer and I would love to find that massive boulder on photo number 2 – where is it? I send a mail to your flickr, thanks!

    • Hi Linus,
      Sorry for the late reply (I’ve been ofline in Bhutan for nearly two weeks!). The place with the huge boulder is Siaowuli Waterfall (there’s a large and impressive waterfall immediately below), and it’s not too hard to get to, although the number of daily buses there was reduced a year or two ago, so you’ll need to plan carefully or rely on hitching (usually pretty easy and safe). Drop me a line closer to your trip and I’ll send you the details on how to get there.

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