Hikes this weekend (February 26-27)

UPDATE: Meeting place: Yongning MRT,  EXIT ONE (I forgot to include the exact meeting place below!)

Right, I’ll keep this short! I’m drowning in work that’s got to be done on the two books within the next two weeks and I haven’t even started writing up the Blog for the Bhutan trip, so:

This weekend: Saturday is Wuliajian – famous hike, quite strenuous, lots of rocky climbs (fixed ropes of course), head for heights needed. The hike is about 5 hours, but I expect it’ll be 6 pm before we get back, as buses are quite uncommon on the road past the trailhead; we may need to hitch back if we miss one.  (almost no photos of this, since I haven’t been for years and all my old photos were lost when the old computer crashed, but here’s one I took many moons ago:)

On Wuliaojian

Sunday is the Jiajiuliao Trail: a long one, (15 plus kilometers) for Taiwan, and steep in places, but not too strenuous if you’re a good walker! beautiful scenery, one large stream to cross (we often have to wade across, but it’s easy as the water is generally only up to the ankles or so). On this one it’ll definitely be 6 pm or so before we get home, unless the group makes good time. It takes 6 or more hours to walk. Luckily the bus service at the end is common, and it’s a quick trip down to Xindian station.

Near the end of Jiajiuliao Trail

On BOTH days we  meet at Yongning station (west end of blue line) at 7:30 am. PLEASE ensure you allow enough time: it takes over 20 minutes from Taipei main station to Yongning, and trains only run every 8 minutes, so give yourselves plenty of time! We then take a bus to Sanxia and connect with the 8:30 service (we take the same bus both days) to the trailhead.

One of the many bridges on the Jiajiuliao Trail

As usual bring rain/sun protection, and food and drink. Now the forecast is looking fairly hopeful, but in case the weather looks dodgy on Saturday morning (ie raining) PLEASE phone my cell: 0921 252 144 to check the trip is still on.

Finally, please let me know if you’re coming on either trip and haven’t already confirmed! See you Saturday and/or Sunday!

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