Hike, this weekend (April 16th)

This hike is described on pages 202-207.

This hike is described on pages 202-207.

Late notice, I’m afraid (juggling loads of balls at the moment, with a small recital coming up, the book in layout and proof at the same time and a big summer trip in the intensive planning stage besides all the usual distractions and work), but this Saturday we’re off to Datieliao Old Trail in Taoyuan County (I know the TAS Spring Fair is on the same day, but Sunday the weather is due to change for the worse).

Datieliao is a really lovely walk and not hard by our usual standards. It’s also a very good first step for those who are comfortable in walking ‘ordinary’ dirt trails and want to try a hike with a few easy rocky pitches.

On top of White Rock Mountain

The rocky climbs are all on White Rock Mountain, a short detour off the main path, and are pretty simple by local standards (it’s much easier than Wulaijian, for instance), but a basic tolerance for heights is required, as there are some airy views along the spine of rock at the summit. The main requirement is a basic level of fitness: all regular walkers with a little experience off the stone steps should have no problem.

We meet at Yongning MRT station, exit one, street level (yes, there, yet again!) at 8:30 am on Saturday morning. BE ON TIME as we’re not waiting for latecomers: this means you’ll have to be at Taipei Train Station MRT by about 8 am to make the connection (it’s over 20 minutes from there to Yongning, with 8 minutes between trains).

For those that can’t make it, it’s one of the new hikes in Taipei Escapes II (which will be out late May or June!)

On Datieliao Old Trail

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