The Books are Out!

Midnight in the Lofoten Islands, northern Norway

It’s been a long, painful process, but the two Taipei Escapes books finally came out a couple of days ago…! They’re only available at The Community Services Center (my publisher) at the moment, but, fingers crossed, will probably be in Caves and Eslite within a week or two.
Looking forward to exploring some new areas of Taipei County (lots of ideas already), plus a few trips down south and to offshore islands in the fall. Most will be open to all, so sign on at the Taipei Hikers site if you want to come!
In one of the world’s most beautiful spots at the moment (northern Norway) hopefully will get to write a bit about this amazing place when I get a bit of a breather.

2 thoughts on “The Books are Out!

  1. Love the blog! I live in the States, so I’m wondering if the book will be available online through Amazon or some other US retailer. Thanks!

    • Hi Herman,
      Sorry I didn’t reply beofre: in Scandinavia on holiday at the moment and online access is a bit spotty… Thanks for the interest in possibly buying the book(s). They’re available by mail order at the moment from the Community Services Center (website address below). They may also be available on Amazon some time soon, but that depends on the outcome of talks with my publisher when I return!

      Hope you make it to Taiwan one day!

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