Welcome to Yangmingshan: the Guide website


This website supports my book, Yangmingshan: the Guide, and features photos and updates of the 41 Walks in the book, together with other useful updates and new info I come across about the National Park.

This website is arranged into seven pages conforming to the seven sections of the ‘guide’ part of the book. Simply click on relavent tab above to get to a list of the walks in each chapter, then click on the desired Walk to zoom to that trip’s own page. Photos will eventually be put up on for all 41 walks in the book (some have many more photos than others), and any updates to the route, transport details etc will be posted on the respective page as soon as I’m aware of them.

I hope you’ll view this website as a community effort, so please feel free to contribute to it (please use the relevent page!) if you have any:

– Updates on transport details, website changes or route directions

– Photos from a trip you’d like to share (will be uploaded if space allows, but will always be credited to you)

– post comments about walks or any other aspect of Yangmingshan National Park you feel may be useful to others

– Anything else you’d like to share!

Happy exploring!!


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