Next Hike: Tuesday January 3rd, 2012

The viewing tower atop Mount Daluntou

NOTE Tomorrow’s meeting time: 8 am at Jiantan MRT station ticket barrier.

I’ve stopped posting notice of new hikes up because the weather has been so nasty it’s hard to plan far in advance, but hope to start posting upcoming hikes up here once again. Anyway Tuesday the weather is looking OK, and I have a few photos of the place we’re exploring that are worth putting up here, so here goes.

In Pamir Park

This MODERATE hike is in the Wuzhi Hills, just outside the southeast border of Yangmingshan National Park. We start at the unusual Pamir Park above Waishuangxi, and climb up the steep wooded ridge via a network of largely forgotten  dirt trails. At the top is a lovely wooded stream valley and a fine viewpoint from a huge outcrop of rock jutting out of the steep valley side.

On the trail

Not far from here we reach Fengguikou at the highest part of the Taipei – Wanli road (on one of Taipei area’s best-known cycling routes) and, assuming the weather is holding out, we’ll connect with the main peaks of the Wuzhi (Five Finger) ridge: Daluntou and Dalunwei. These are baby peaks by Yangmingshan standards, and this second part of the trail will be on surfaced paths and raised wooden boardwalks (i.e. not muddy) but it’s a surprisingly lovely walk, if much more popular than the little-explored first half of the walk.

A magnificent viewpoint near the highest point of the hike

This is a hike in two halves, and you should be prepared for some rough dirt paths, a fair bit of climbing, a stream or two to cross (without a bridge) and of course mud. The second half is a lot simpler, although expect steps and some more climbing here as well. This last half of the walk has many options – the favorite would be to descend to Neihu via the very popular trail on Jinmian, with the rocky climb down at the end, but what we do is (as usual these days) dependant on weather and time.

A viewpoint near Mt Daluntou

I’ll post the meeting time etc up tonight or tomorrow morning, but it will be Jiantan MRT Station north exit (the one for the bus stops and Shilin Night Market) at around 8 am. I’ll check the bus time and get the exact meeting time posted up later.

On the trail above Pamir Park

Meanwhile here’s a few photos from previous walks, to whet your appetite!

Part of the very popular and fun rock-face trail down from Mt Jinmian to Neihu

Mount Daluntou


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