Hikes Update for the New Year

Another week left in India, but I’ve been thinking about hiking plans for the new year in Taiwan during long bus rides  the last couple of days and thought I’d share a few plans, plus a few photos from my fourth trip to India, where I’ve been the last two weeks (all three are from Hampi in Karnataka state – definitely NOT a little-known gem, at least among India travellers, but instead a perennially popular and deservedly much-loved oasis of peace and enormous natural beauty in this endlessly infuriating, frustrating, wonderfully chaotic country.

OK, back to Taiwan: the first two high mountain trips (Mount Junda and the four peak Snow Mountain loop: both fully signed up) are coming up soon, and I’ll get onto them as soon as I get home. If anyone knows where we can hire a mini-van and driver that is willing to drive up the poor roads to the trailhead for Mount Junda please let me know! I have a few ideas otherwise.

The remaining two mountain trips – the 4-day Holy Ridge traverse and the easy Mount Hohuan weekend still have a few spaces; details of each (except for concrete dates, which will follow soon) are up on this blog below. Let me know if you want to come!

Finally, I have some plans for day hkes, which will hopefully restart mid February, as preparation for the new season of multi-day treks. First up will probably be the amazing Huangdidian Bat Cave hike: this is one for experienced and confident hikers only! More details on this and other hikes when I return to Taiwan on 11th Feb!

5 thoughts on “Hikes Update for the New Year

  1. Hi Richard! remember me Susannah? back in England?
    I have been looking for you for ages and have just stumbled across your wonderful blog site. Impressive! Will leave email – would love to hear from you!

  2. Re. your route plan to Dabajienshan from Wuling Farm, I don’t think the BaNan cabin just south of Daba has been rebuilt, there is only a rudimentary hut there. If it’s not raining you’ll be ok. but last time i was there half the roof was missing! Your first day from Wuling to Shinda cabin will be quite long if you plan to bag Kalehe Mt as well as TaoShan. If you do Pingtienshan on the 2nd day, you’ll still have plenty of time to reach BaNan cabin where there is a water supply a ways down a stream bed. There is a sign for it. Third day to 99 hut shouldn’t be a problem either but take plenty of water. I’ve done this route twice, the second time exiting via ChenShiBao. If you are pressed for time, cut out Kalehe peak.

    • Thanks Lyndon!
      It did look rather a long first day, bagging two of the Wuling peaks; we’ll see how the weather goes…
      Wow, you seem to have climbed so many mountains (thanks for the info on Mounts Junda and Xiluanda; we’ll be climbing those in three weeks). How many of the ‘big hundred’ have you climbed so far? (not that I’m competing or anything; I’ve done very little serious hiking so far in the center and south of the island!)

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