Websites for the Taipei Escapes and Yangmingshan Guide are now up!


Just a quick entry tonight, to announce two my new blog/websites, one each for Taipei Escapes Books 1-2 and for Yangmingshan: the Guide. Click on a  book cover above to go to the respective website.

The two websites both have an individual page for each walk, day trip or drive described in the three books, where you’ll find photos taken along the route, in case you want to whet your appitite before going!

On each page I’ve also included a transport section, giving links to bus/train company websites publishing the appropriate timetable where possible. This section is now complete for the two Taipei Escapes books, but is still a work-in-progress on the Yangmingshan  guide.  The only important thing you WON’T find there is a description of the route – for that you’ll still need to buy (or borrow) the books, I’m afraid!!!

The main intention of these websites is to share info among anyone that follows the routes described in the books. I’ll continue to update them with route changes, transport changes and photos as they come along, but please feel free to write on the corresponding page any comments or thoughts after doing a hike or trip, problems or route changes encountered on the route, or anything you feel may be of use to others intending to follow a route in the future;  photos taken on the way are also much welcomed (and will be credited to you, of course)!

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