Welcome to The ISLANDS of Taiwan!

Islands book cover

Out NOW at book shops in Taipei!!

This website supports my book, The ISLANDS of Taiwan, and features photos, website links and additional information to supplement the information in the book and – hopefully – help you get more out of a trip to Taiwan’s magical outlying islands.

To get started, click on the relevent tab above for the island or island group you’re interested in to get to the parent page for that destination. Once there click on one of the links inside to take you to a page for an individual island, or to accommodation/transport links.

I hope you’ll view this website as a community effort, so please feel free to contribute to it (please use the relevent page!) if you have any information you think might help other visitors to the outlying islands of Taiwan:

– Updates on transport, accommodation or website changes

– Photos from a trip you’d like to share (will be uploaded if space allows, but will always be credited to you)

– post comments following your trip

– Anything else you’d like to share!

Happy exploring!!


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