Mount Bijia

Most weekend mornings the ominously named bus no. 666 from Taipei to Shiding is packed with walking stick-wielding hikers, almost all of which are off to tackle Huangdidian, Shiding has one more classic hike, however, and although far from unknown among hiking clubs and keen walkers, it’s far less busy on fine weekends than the famous knife-edge ridge […]

The Fengtou Peak Ridge

The Taipei area is blessed with some absolutely cracking hill walking, and in particular the ‘classic six’ ridgewalks of the area more-or-less guarantee a great day out. Mount Bijia (the easiest), Wuliaojian (maybe the most exciting), Huangdidian (which has the most options for different lengths and difficulties of hikes), the Mounts Banping/Teapot/Canguangliao circuit above the Gold Ecological museum at Jinguashi  (which with the […]

Mountain Goat and Xiaoyao Caves, Shiding – a great alternative route to a well-loved summit

It’s only the beginning of October, and the northeast monsoon season has already claimed its first hike-plan victim! The original destination for our hike yesterday, to the awesome (and rather tough) Fengtou Peak ridge was postponed when the weather promised showers – not good conditions for walking the more precarious, knife-edge sections of this route. The […]

Next Hikes (November 20th -21st)

SUNDAY CHANGE OF HIKE PLAN: To begin my revision of the second book (west of Taipei) with something special, I’ll be off to Miaoli’s famous (and very beautiful Lion’s Head Mountain, dotted with huge old temples, looks more like something out of a Chinese painting; very easy walking (suitable for everyone) along wide, surfaced trails […]

The Valley of Waterfalls: Sandiaoling Waterfall Trail

The Taipei area is lucky to have a number of hikes that can be reasonably called ‘classics”: Huangdidian, Bijia Mountain, Seven Star Mountain, the Jiajiuliao Ridgewalk and Shitikeng Old Trail are all familiar and well-loved hikes within an hour or so of the city that are ‘bagged’ at some time by most local hikers (and we’ll be doing the first, second and fifth […]

Caves, Waterfalls and Archeological Sites: Guanyin Mountain’s little-known curiosities

Guanyin Mountain is a familiar sight to anyone who’s taken the MRT from Taipei to Danshui as the shapely, many-peaked mountain rising across the broad waters of the Danshui River estuary. It also makes for some great hiking, commanding one of the Taipei area’s most magnificent views from the top if you’re lucky enough to get a clear day.  I generally avoid the popular […]