Paiyun Hut on Yushan: FINALLY open again!

The summit of Yushan (3,952 meters)

The summit of Yushan (3,952 meters)

Stu over at Taiwan Adventures pointed out the other day that Paiyun Hut, the usual overnighting spot for hikers doing Yushan (the highest peak in Taiwan and in all NE Asia too!) is finally open again after several years of first rebuilding and then, presumably, arguing over the legality of the rebuild and whether or not to charge foreigners vastly more than locals for the privilege of staying there.  I ran a petition last year protesting the idea as suicidal for public relations in a country that desperately needs foreign tourists. I’m not sure if that had any effect on the National Park when I sent it, but anyway they’ve finally seen the light and now everyone will pay the same price (albeit locals now have to pay substantially more than originally stated), and now everyone can enjoy this fabulous mountain on an even pegging, as it should be!!

Details are up on the blog section of Taiwan Adventures’ very nice new website , and they can also help you plan a trip up. If I get my act together, I’m hoping to go back again myself to bag a few more of the 10 peaks in the group later this year.

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  1. Carol Did you get this? Maybe we can talk Richard into organizing a trip via the Center?! Vincente

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